Shy Guys, Malmo Days

by Futbolín

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Cassie R Short and sweet, this is a sunny burst of screamo that I always wish went on just a little longer
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It's the first time we're releasing our second record, “Shy guys, Malmo days”.
We've never made it to a second record before, so we don't know how to act and behave.
But we know that after two years, a 6 tracks EP, roughly 70 shows around Italy and having made loads of new friends, it was time to start arguing again to write a new record.
So: we aren't any more mature than before, we were and still are in awe, but we are a little less impulsive and more rational. It is not the record that will change your life, but the one that will change ours.


released January 19, 2018

Futbolín are Giordano, Giacomo and Nicola.
All music written, produced and performed by Futbolín.
Recorded by Michele Zamboni in Verona during September 2017 between Dirty Sound Studio and Giordi's Winecellar.
All lyrics talk about Giordi.
Additional vocals on Filters by Francesco Nasti and Michele Rizzi.
All rights reserved.

Released on diNotte Records, È Un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere and Hesitaion

Artwork by Lilidesbellons


all rights reserved



Futbolín Verona, Italy

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Track Name: Fox
One Parsec is the right distance
but it will be always intense
and I'm stuck in a moment
until he will graduate
One light year is how much we're distant
but it will always be the same
and I'm stuck in an instant
until he will plan its funeral

Shining everything
muting anything

Do you want to wait one parsec with me?
Do you want to wait one light year with me?
Track Name: French Fries
Looking for each other for too long,
jubilating for details,
climbing an imaginary stair
without any rungs,
in this sparking dawn i need a lot of antidotes
to fill my mind with blue
to feed my head with you
to be the best escape.

Looking for each other for too long,
recreating for hope.
This is the shot that destroyed us all
and this is the sign that we never wanted to learn:
to attempt something pure, is it necessary to feel so insecure?
We chose to bandage the people's eyes
just to remain as warm as ice.

I'll break down the hardest wall
until this slit will become bigger
or until I'll become smaller
to pass through this hardest wall
Track Name: Couch
afraid of us

and when the light will be bright
our love will become blind
and when the eyes will collide
our hearts will break side by side

sidestepping everything
sidestepping everyone

wasting time to talk about disagreement
to avoid the speech of you and me
you win the award for best disappearence
and in the end you're coming out clean

afraid of people
afraid of night
afraid of commitment
afraid of life
Track Name: Franz
deep breath to hide us inside ourselves

hey future try not to laugh
hey past i heard you're having loud fun
poor present

surrender to be misunderstood

deep breath to hide us inside ourselves

shoulder's call
we are hugs
but we are armless
addicted call
we are dope
but we are nosebleed

hey future try not to laugh
hey past i heard you're having loud fun
poor present

deep breath to hide us inside
Track Name: Filters

Join the landscape
exhale the atmosphere
have you ever been the sadness?

Come to say Hi
your throne is in the corner
have you ever been the sadness?

A third wheel of your life
the lonely leaf on fall
have you ever been the sadness?

Unpredictable conclusion
unpredictable closure
unpredictable unclosure

My soulprint anywhere
Track Name: (Greetings from) Malmo
I'm not joking
I'm just chocking , man

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